Developmental Disabilities Council of Colorado host Jonathan Martinis to talk about supported decision-making (SDM)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Hosted by: 
Developmental Disabilities Council of Colorado

By Marcia Tewell
Quote from a participant in the presentation: "I cannot thank the Developmental Disability Council enough. My world is very challenging and bringing these resources – such as Mr. Martinis – to Colorado has made all the difference in helping our lives be more live-able. I think your work is a blessing. — Dr. L."

The Developmental Disabilities Council was pleased to host Jonathan Martinis JD of the D.C. Quality Trust regarding supported decision-making (SDM), which is a way of thinking/acting that can avoid guardianship. It is a great topic that dovetails well with the new Settings Rules out of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. The hope with the rules (as well as many efforts previously) is that more and more decisions will be made by those receiving services and supports as decisions by others fades out. As these decisions are made, independence and real lives become more likely and learned helplessness decreases.