Arkansas enacted decision-making legislation in regards to organ transplants in 2021. A bill that would recognize supported decision-making has been previously introduced, but there are no new supported decision-making bills pending. We have not located any case law specifically recognizing supported decision-making, but it may still be required as a less restrictive alternative to guardianship.

Guardianship Laws

Adult Guardianship Statute: 

Ark. Code Ann. §§ 28-65-101 to -707; 28-67-101 to -111; 28-74-101 to -505

Supported Decision-Making

State Legislation

  • A.C.A. § 20-14-901 et seq. (2021) “Lila’s Law”
    • Description: To prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities in regards to organ transplants, to require reasonable modifications by covered entities & provide additional aids & services during the organ transplant process, including Supported Decision-Making.
    • Status: Passed on 04/19/2021; Enacted on 04/26/2021
    • Bill number: S.B. 155, 93rd Gen. Assem., 2021 Reg. Sess. (Ark 2021) 
    • Public Link: []

None found

  • H.B. 1005, 93rd Gen. Assem., 2021 Reg. Sess. (Ark 2021)
    • Description: To establish the Supported Decision-making Agreement Act.
    • Status: Failed – Died in House Committee after third reading.
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Case Law & Court Orders

None found

State Grant Programs

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Information Last Updated: June 6, 2023