Connecticut has not passed supported decision-making legislation. A bill that would recognize supported decision-making has been previously introduced, but there are no new supported decision-making bills pending. We have not located any case law specifically recognizing supported decision-making, but it may still be required as a less restrictive alternative to guardianship.

Guardianship Laws

Conn. Gen Stat. Ann. §§ 45a-644 to -667v; 45a-669 to -689 (guardians of persons with an intellectual disability); 45a-690 to -703

Supported Decision-Making

State Legislation

None found

None found

  • S.B. 63, Gen. Assem., Jan. 2019 Sess. (Conn. 2019)
    • Description: Would have formally recognized SDM Agreements for adults with disabilities
    • Status: Failed – Reissued by Legislative Commissioner’s Office with File No. 8563 on April 30, 2019
    • Public Link

Case Law & Court Orders

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State Grant Programs

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Information Last Updated: June 6, 2023