Jenny Hatch celebrating her victory - Jenny Hatch Justice Project

Jenny Hatch Justice Project Trial Information

After a year of litigation and six days of trial, Jenny Hatch won the right to make decisions for herself, using Supported Decision-Making: to direct her life to the maximum of her abilities and choose where to live, what to do and who to see. The case began in August of 2012, with the filing of a Petition seeking to place Jenny in a full guardianship, including the authority to decide where she would live and whether to give or withhold medical treatment.  Shortly thereafter, the Court held a hearing and put Jenny in a temporary guardianship, taking away her right to make any decisions about her life. As a result, Jenny was placed in a group home – where they took away her cell phone and laptop and wouldn’t let her see her friends. We entered Jenny’s case in February of 2013, after the Court placed Jenny in the temporary guardianship.  Initially, we were even denied the ability to see Jenny unless we promised not to discuss the case with her.  After several Motions and delays to request and review records, the trial was held during 3 days in May and an additional 3 days in July and August.  The Court made its decision on August 2, 2013. Following are excerpts from the pleadings and trial.  To request additional material or review, consultation or representation in a case, please contact us