New Book on Supported Decision-Making: Theory, Research, and Practice to Enhance Self-Determination and Quality of Life

BBI Chairman Peter Blanck and Senior Director for Law and Policy Jonathan Martinis along with researchers Karrie Shogren and Michael Wehmeyer from the University of Kansas co-author book on Supported Decision-Making. This book is part of the Cambridge University Press series on disability law and policy edited by Peter Blanck. The book aims to provide a new way of looking at disability while also providing a roadmap for states, families, attorneys, policymakers, caregivers and others.

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Supported Decision-Making: Theory, Research, and Practice to Enhance Self-Determination and Quality of Life

Book Description

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) recognized that people with disabilities should have the right to exercise their legal capacity and identified ‘supported decision-making’ as a means by which people with disabilities can be directly involved in decisions that impact their lives. Offering an overview of its emergence in the disability field and highlighting emerging research, theory, and practice from legal, psychology, education, and health fields, this volume provides a much-needed theoretical and evidence base for supported decision-making. Evidence and strengths-based frameworks for understanding disability, supports, and their roles in promoting supported decision-making are synthesized. The authors describe the application of a social-ecological approach to supported decision-making, and focus on implications for building systems of supports based on current environmental demands. This volume introduces and explains empirical research on critical elements of supported decision-making and the applications of supported decision-making that enhance outcomes, including self-determination and quality of life.

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Date: Thursday, January 3, 2019