Missouri Guardianship: Understanding Your Options & Alternatives

This Resource Guide was originally developed to support the MO Guardianship: Understanding Your Options & Alternatives training program. It is intended to help guide you through the process of determining what the most appropriate and least restrictive options and alternatives are to plenary or full guardianship for your unique circumstance. It addresses common concerns, misperceptions, myths, and provides guidance for addressing the potential needs of people with developmental disabilities for support and/or protection. It is for general information only. It is not legal advice. The information provided is based on Missouri law at the date of publication, as well as the experiences and knowledge of individuals who have researched and/or provided input during its development.

This guide is organized in three (3) topic areas, followed by a conclusion which provides a list of “key points” related to important information, frequently asked questions, and additional resources:

  1. Balancing Support and Protection with Autonomy and Self Determination. This section discusses the importance of promoting n independence, dignity and freedom of choice when supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in the decision making process.
  2. Identifying Alternatives to Guardianship. This section provides an understanding of what guardianship is, what you need to know before pursuing a guardianship, how to determine whether someone needs support and/or protection, and what the options and alternatives are to guardianship.
  3. Accessing Your Guardianship Options & Alternatives. This section provides direction for how to access alternatives to guardianship, file for a limited or full guardianship, eliminate or reduce guardianship status, and finding an attorney.

Missouri Guardianship: Understanding Your Options & Alternatives
Author: Elizabeth A. Moran, J.D.
Publication Date: December 2010
Publisher: UMKC Institute for Human Development (UCEDD)