Virginia Supportive Decision-Making Study (HJR 190, 2014)

Virginia Supported Decision-Making Report Recommendations

This report contains information about the background and context for the alternative to guardianship known as Supported Decision Making. Below is an executive summary that provides specific responses to the three elements of HJR 90 as written.
examine the use of supported decision-making for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth;
ii) compare the Commonwealth’s policies and practices related to supported decision-making and informed choice to the policies and practices used in other jurisdictions; and The Commonwealth currently has no defined policies or practices related to Supported Decision Making.
iii) after consultation with The Arc of Virginia, Voices of Virginia, the Autism Society, the Down Syndrome Association, the Jenny Hatch Justice Project, and other stakeholders, recommend strategies to improve the use of supported decision-making in the Commonwealth and ensure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are consistently informed about and receive the opportunity to participate in their important life decisions. Recommendations based upon consultation with the above referenced agencies may be found at the end of the full report.

Author(s): Secretary of Health and Human Resources
Publication Date: November 2014